BYC Programs

We have a passion for boating, a commitment to service and our community, and a strong desire for relationships with people who share our values and interests. We’ve built a beautiful club on the marina and have designed our programs to share our passions with our members, friends and the next generation of boaters. Whether you are looking for the fun and relaxation of a cruise-out to a neighboring port, the adrenaline rush as you line your boat for the start of a regatta, or the joy of seeing the thrill in a child’s eye when they make the perfect tack, we get it. And we want to keep you and your crew excited year-round.

Cruise-In & Cruise-Out

Looking to cruise over to one of our neighboring yacht clubs, or have some friends sale over to BYC for a fun-filled weekend?  Check out our cruise programs.


Want a little more excitement in your Thursday nights?  Try our “Beer Can Racing”.  We also participate in a number of other racing events throughout the season.  Check out or racing events here.

Youth Sailing

Nothing is more important to us than passing on the joy of sailing to the next generation of boaters.  We have some wonderful youth sailing programs to teach our kids how to have fun and be safe on the water.  Click here for more information.

Other Programs

We often have special events and programs throughout the year.  Check out our Calendar and Special Events page for more information.