Cruise-In and Cruise-Out

As with many yacht clubs in the greater Bay Area, the BYC Cruising Program involves boaters from BYC making weekend cruises to other yacht clubs, and other yacht clubs cruising into BYC on a scheduled basis. Of special mention is the observation that BYC is one of the most popular cruise destinations of any yacht club in the Bay Area because of its friendly membership, facilities, and location.

Cruising programs are ideal events for sharing boating interests with other club members, and meeting the membership of other yacht clubs, plus enjoying the splendid views of waterways, marinas, and vistas in the greater SF Bay Area.

Each cruise event is unique with its own activities and traditions of dining, dock-parties, potlucks, music, and exploration of the surrounding communities and hosting yacht clubs. Many BYC member cruisers are very familiar with past cruises and eagerly share their experiences with new BYC cruisers. Plus, members can travel by land, if “boatless” for any reason, by contacting the event coordinator.

Should you have questions about BYC’s Cruise-Out Program, please contact Stephen J Penny –

If you have any questions about BYC’s Cruise-In Program, please contact Angela Grigas –