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Benicia Yacht Club

400 East Second Street
Benicia, California 94510

707.746.0739 – This is our main number and is a virtual phone used by the Automated  Attendant (answering system) to distribute calls.  When someone calls this line a message comes on with instructions for how to reach other lines.  The lines are as follows.

707.750.5319 – Hand set on the front desk.  Set up as prompt 1 and operator.  Is set up to be answered and has it’s own voicemail.
707.750.5554 – Reservation system and the telephone in the Norton Lounge (Prompts 2 for reservations and 6 for Norton Lounge). This number currently forwards to our reservation cell phone (707) 750-6123 automatically whether prompt 2 or 6 is selected.
707.297.6606 – Membership.  The phone on the back desk in the office.
707.750.5496 – Accounting.
707.361.5197 – Regatta Room – Phone behind Regatta Room Bar.

Find Us By Water:
Lat: 38 o 02.510 N Lon: 122 o 09.4 ’W

If traveling by boat, the well-equipped Benicia Marina is within walking distance to BYC, and Channel 16 is monitored. Fuel, pump out and docking are available.

General Mgr. – can be reached at:

The BYC Directory may be found in the Wind Word Newsletter with chair names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

If a non-member, you are encouraged to visit our Membership page for more information about joining our club. Also, if you are a past member seeking reinstatement, the Reinstatement Application is also found on the Membership page.

Please refer to BYC’s Directory in the Wind Word link above for additional contact email addresses and phone numbers.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: If making a payment to the Benicia Yacht Club, please use this payment form to describe the nature of the payment and ensure proper credit for your payment.

Bencia Yacht Club

400 East Second Street Benicia, California 94510